About Me

My name is Matt MacIntosh, and I'm a San Francisco-based copywriter and content strategist. Before striking out on my own, I was the lead in-house copywriter for Old Republic Home Protection, where I crafted both B2B and B2C email campaigns, articles, blogs, landing pages, print ads, and more.

I've been tasked with outsourcing creative content when I was an in-house marketer, so I just may know what you're looking for... but enough about me! You can stalk my LinkedIn page if you'd like to learn about my educational background and work history. I'd rather talk about you. 

About You?

I'm picturing a Marketing Director or VP who has created dozens of Buyer Personas over the years (just like this one). Or maybe you're the CEO of a tech start-up?

Whatever the case, you and your staff are probably overworked, and you need an experienced marketer to free up brainwpower and offer a fresh perspective. You need a copywriter who can double as a strategic partnersomeone who writes creative, data-driven content... and never misses a deadline.

Getting into Your Business

I’ve written about all kinds of products and services. Smart kitchens, high-tech security, fiber-optic internet cables, keyless locks, drone videography, and smartphone apps (just to name a few).

I will learn everything I need to know about your business model, your products or services, and your target market before writing a single line of copy. And yes, I'm excited to geek out on the marketing data.

Dig deeply, and it all becomes fascinating.