Ballpark Rates

Every project is unique, so we’ll have to talk before I can quote you a price—but these estimates will give you a feel for how much I charge.

Note: Flat rates include all meetings, interviews, light research, Proof of Style, writing, editing (up to two rewrites), and a thorough proofreading by my team of professional proofers. 


Article Marketing & Blogs


Short to Medium (500-1000 words) 

$400 - $1000 per article

Long-form article (1000+ words)

$1000+ per article



Email Campaigns 


Short (fewer than 200 words) 

$400 - $600 per email

Medium to Long (200+ words)

$600+ per email









$750 - $1,250 consulting fee

Content Planning (10-15 pp.)

Website Copy

$300 - $750 per page

Landing Page

$800 - $1,500 per piece



Case Studies


Short to Medium (500-1000 words) 

$400 - $1000 per piece

Long-form (1000+ words)

$1000+ per piece


Content Strategy Consulting



Non-profit Discounts

Are you working to make the world a better place? Contact me! I’d love to help, 
and I offer discounted rates for non-profits when my schedule allows.